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❶The list that pops out is endless and where confusion begins.


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Isn't that odd, I thought to myself. I asked him to give me his Email address and I would send him my information that way. I didn't think this was going appropriately for security of my computer and tracking of the information needed in this situation. Well it was a good thing I did not sign up because right after I did some research on their practices, I emailed the representative that I would not be interested due to the reviews I was seeing about their company practices.

The representative said to me over the phone that you know how our competitors will write all kinds of bad information about us. You shouldn't be so worried about those remarks.

I told him at that point that it would not work. I never gave him any additional info, no personal information whatsoever. Thankfully, I did not sign up with them to help me after I checked the several websites posted with reviews including this website too about them which were posted about their service! This is even more interesting Right after I hung up, I was looking into other reviews and my computer security system kicked in and stated that there was a malicious malware problem that was trying to load to my computer.

Now how could that have happened you may or may not ask. After stopping the virus attack from loading to my computer this Trojan malware was disguised as a Windows Security update.

It looked unfamiliar and my security program Nod32 did not trust it so it blocked it. This was a new twist for me, I had never had that happen before because I have my system secured from these things. I verified this information with my IT person who helps me with various IT needs. This was just too weird. I'm glad I never asked for their assistance. I was just wanting to post what happened to me during my little episode with dealing with this company. First of all, let me say this, if there was a negitive rating, they would be the winners because they deserve the worst possible score as possible.

When I received the paper, it did not make sense, it had misspelled words and some wrong useage of gammer. I choose the option to have the redo the paper but it take two days before I received the revision with made me miss my deadline. I called them continuously but it was either no one knew what was going on and referred me to their support personnel which I only talked to once.

I also called and left messages but no one returned my call. The quality of my paper was just "Poor! I am totally dissatisfied at the service they provided me and will not "Every" use them again!!!!! They can't get it right. I got absolutely nothing. First I sent a previous research paper of my own as my writing style. Then they screen your calls, so I called the company that they go through for their payments, which is highly involved.

Once I threated to take the compaint to the FTC their attitudes changed and I got a refund, or so they stated. Until it happens I do not believe it. They then had the nerve to tell me not to submit the essay they had written for me, which was my own research paper as they were going to put it on the internet.

Are they going to be surprised that this paper is already on the internet as my own paper. And to add insult to injury now I am getting all kinds of spam mail to my e-mail.

This site is beyond a scam and the writing is extremely poor quality. They did not delivered my paper on time. Staff was very rude when I complained about how bad the paper was. You will benefit from our tireless and experienced staff of skilled academic writers. These people that we finally offer to join us obtain profound knowledge of complicated subjects and what is more important — have years of experience of working with students and managing their assignments one way or another.

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To review a book or article effectively, you need to become a careful and insightful reader. Critical reading skills, then, are necessary for students and scholars 4alike; both need to comprehend and respond to scholarly discourse taking place in print. Writing reviews also helps develop analytical and interpretive skills.

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