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100 Science Topics for Research Papers

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What Are Some Online Help Resources for High School Chemistry?
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20 Chemistry Research Topics for a CCOT Essay

In addition, I work to assign projects that are open-ended: I suppose this is just another way of saying I try to build inquiry learning into each proposed experiment. I am not always successful in these regards finding a project of interest for the student, or building inquiry into the project.

On average, 50 students take General Chemistry II each spring semester at Spring Arbor, with about 17 students in 4 lab sections. Obviously, designing and completing all these projects each year has been and continues to be challenging.

It is helpful to have students repeat experiments done in previous years. Also, repeating previous experiments with slight modifications keeps things interesting for me. Despite the many challenges I face with these assignments, having students work on small projects like this is perhaps my favorite part of teaching chemistry.

My students and I really get in to it, and we both learn so much! It is not uncommon for students to go well above and beyond the call of duty to work on their projects I had one student a few years ago work over 40 hours on a project. Some students have even decided to keep working on their project after they have completed my class. The vast majority of the time, I assign projects that can be completed with simple materials. Below I will describe one such experiment, and I hope to share more in the future.

I also hope that you will take the time to share some ideas with me. I am always looking for new experiments to have students try! He and I decided to use what we know about gas pressure to measure the pressure inside our lungs upon inhalation. We knew that a column of a liquid can be supported to a height, h, by air pressure Figure 1. A column of liquid with height, h, supported by air pressure.

If there is a vacuum in the tube, then we have: In this case, there is not a perfect vacuum at the top of the tube according to our measurements, humans are incapable of making a perfect vacuum in their lungs. A column of liquid being supported by someone sucking through a straw. In this case, we still have the atmospheric pressure being equal to the pressure inside the tube, or straw. However, because there is no longer a vacuum at the top of the tube, we have: Since we know the pressure of the liquid, we can write: The above equation gives us a way to measure the pressure inside lungs upon inhalation.

We substitute the appropriate values in to Equation 5: We convert mmHg to Pa: This experiment will have you blowing bubbles! Have you ever mixed together salt and sand? It is fun to see how all of those tiny grains of salt and sand mix together!

But what if you had to separate them out again? Do you have nightmares of tiny tweezers, a magnifying glass, and hours spent picking grains of salt and sand apart? Do not be afraid, there is another way! In this chemistry science project you will use the differences in solubility between salt and sand to find out the simple "solution" to this problem. This science project requires adult supervision. Be careful and have adult supervision when using the stove and oven, and handling the boiling water.

Have you ever wondered how fun toys like Silly Putty, Gak, and Slime are made? These products are so much fun because of the properties of polymers, which make them delightfully bouncy, stretchy, sticky, moldable, breakable, hard, soft, and just plain fun!

In this science project you can be the developer of your own putty product by changing the ratio of ingredients to change the physical properties of your putty polymer. By describing the physical properties of your results, you can choose… Read more. Borax is harmful if swallowed. On rare occasion handling borax can result in rashes.

This experiment is for all the kids out there who love boiled cabbage! You say you do not like cabbage? Well maybe you will like this amazing color-changing liquid you can make with cabbage. Which solutions around your house can make the cabbage juice change color? Find out while you learn about acids and bases and how to test for them.

Requires adult supervision—some household solutions can be poisonous when mixed together or swallowed. Have you ever dyed eggs? Turning eggshells from white into different, dazzling colors can be a lot of fun! To do this, most people buy dye tablets to make different colors in a liquid bath. They then dip the egg into the liquid and wait till it turns the desired color. You can dye eggs in many other ways, and one neat method uses silk ties.

This will help science to explore more of our world, especially parts of our world and its interstellar surroundings which are still outside the barriers of human touch. However, thanks to modern technology and instruments, we can gather a significant amount of data to know more about ourselves and the worlds that exist in outer space.

Today, modern Analytical Chemistry is now sub-divided into two categories: Analysis through Modern Instruments Academic Analysis through Study and Research Analytical chemistry is critical for the development of pharmaceutical drugs and medicines.

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What Are Some Good Topic Choices for a High School Speech?

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20 Intriguing Chemistry Research Paper Ideas for College Students. Just because you are in college as opposed to high school doesn't change the fact that you should still spend time talking with your teacher or professor about your choice of research paper topic.

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Are you confused by all the topics in high school chem class? Here is an overview of what is studied in high school chem, with links to essential chem resources and worked chem problems. Introduction to Chemistry In order to study high school chem, it's a good idea to know what chem is. What Is Chem.

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One of the most common research topics in middle and high school chemistry is "Properties of Acids, Bases, and Salt Solutions." Chemistry is a subject filled with chemicals and their properties, their formulas and their structure. One high school chemistry research topic deals with atomic and molecular structure, specifically the discovery of the electron. Another research topic concerns detailing factors that affect the chemical reaction rate, such as temperature and various catalysts. In , Sir Joseph John Thomson.

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What are some good research topics for a high school student? up vote 4 down vote favorite I absolutely love chemistry and I really want to take part in science fairs. High school chemistry most commonly is offered during the 11th grade as Chemistry This is a list of Chemistry 11 or 11th Grade High School Chemistry topics. A collection of high school chemistry notes may be found here.