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The Crucible

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Yet nurses with advanced degrees are more in demand than ever. An increased government focus on healthcare and an aging U. Distance learning programs have been around for just as long as brick and mortar colleges. Starting in the early s, teachers would send assignments to students through mail, who would complete them and mail them back to receive the next assignment.

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No driving to campus, sitting in class, or rearranging work and family schedules around a rigid class curriculum. Online BSN degrees offer flexibility in schedules, convenience to learn when you have time, and the same curriculum and training as a traditional nursing program. Today is National Student Nurse Day.

Unitek College is proud to celebrate all the student nurses who study on and off our campuses every day. Student nurses are integral to the future of our healthcare system. Today they are the interns and externs at medical offices, tomorrow they will be the nurses saving lives. Nursing students brimming with new ideas and excitement, ready to join the healthcare workforce, bringing with them their innovative minds and caring spirits.

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Hale has changed allot since the begging of the play, In act 1 he came proud and he felt important that he has been summoned. Hale at the end of act 2 realises that he is no longer the authority of the witch trials and in act 3 when Proctor came armed with Marry Warren and claimed that the trials is all pretense Hale starts doubting the girls and begs Danforth to delay the proceedings, Danforth in the other hand refuses.

In act 2 we come to know that Elizabeth's name has been mentioned so hale comes to question Elizabeth. Proctor hasn't been in church because he hates Reverend Paris and he hates the idea that Paris focuses on hell fire etc.

Expert Answers smflannery Certified Educator. Related Questions Act 2: How has Hale changed since he arrived in Salem? Why is he testing Proctor and Elizabeth?

Best of luck i hope this helped, i am a student myself and i am studying this for my igcse. Read the study guide:.

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Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of The Crucible. It helps middle and high school students understand Arthur Miller's literary masterpiece. Petersburg: Books. Follow these simple steps to find online crucible homework help resources for your book Coping with School Stress.

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