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The Internet does more harm than good.

The Influence of the Internet: More Harm than Good or Vice Versa

❶This is why the internet can be a dangerous place, depending how you use it.


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A sad consequence of the addiction is that they are so used to high speed information by just clicking on the next link that they can no longer appreciate a good book, or a nice conversation with a friend. By failing to take exercise they grow fat and unhealthy. There is nothing wrong with sitting indoors. There are lots of educational games and news sites we can browse around and learn from in much more effective way than television could ever provide. Furthermore, many people keep up their social contacts online.

Saying they cannot appreciate a nice conversation, or a good book is just a wild claim. Since the nineties, instant messaging and emailing has been used to extract passwords, bank account details or credit card numbers. This phenomenon is called phishing. A phisher uses professional-looking websites and profiles, and tens of thousands of people have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to phishers.

If we could better control who contacts us, this would not have happened on such a large scale. It is unfortunate that people who are willing to help have been abused by others.

However, there have been many campaigns that raise awareness about phishing. Governments and banks have provided guidelines about how to recognize phishers. We should firmly deal with the crime of phishing, but not forget how much easier our life has become now that we can do our financial business online and via bank cards. The internet has allowed big companies to capture a lot of business online while smaller, local companies have lost out.

And because the internet makes it easier to get work done abroad, jobs have left many western countries for low-wage countries abroad. The internet has brought greater prosperity, allowing lots of different businesses to set up online. This has brought a lot more choice to ordinary people, and also driven down prices as people find it easier to compare different companies products.

Small businesses can cheaply set up online and find a market for their goods and services. And by making it easier to work anywhere with an internet connection, it has allowed many more people to work from home and to share out projects with co-workers over the whole world. Hey, I do think that the internet is like a zebra. Some parts are a danger zone, and some are quite good! Can I have a few pointers.

Internet compresses time and space. It is widely known that internet has been perhaps the most technologic innovation in the field of communication. As everbody knows we should critically use internet to find information. Despite the general known benefits I find internet as the most dangerous thing.

Moreover, we may as well list pages of drawbacks but I list only few of them. Reaching harmful information, cyber bullying, identify theft, armour and heroin using,hacking accounts…These can happen 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Childeren are being cyberbullied too, their pictures are being used for it.

This cruelty is absolutely wrong. In addition more identfy theft also steal key pieces of personally identiable informations. The information can be used to obtain credit, services in the name of victim,or provide the thief with false credentials. In addition to running up debt, in rare cases, an imposter would provide wrong identification to police, creating a criminal record or leaving outstanding arrest warrants for the person whose identy has been stolen.

What does being social actually mean? Well, according to the Macmillan Dictionary, being social is being in in situations and activities that involve being with other people, especially for enjoyment. Social networking sites do more harm than good. The negative effects social networking sites can have on individuals effects them emotionally, physically and mentally. This encompasses cyber bullying, the dangers of paedophilia, illegal activities which children can get involved with and the mental illness issues as a result of social networking sites.

Social networking sites are harming society as a whole. Want to go out for a cuppa coffee? Some random stranger friended me! I have such a social life. See according to the definition I said at the beginning, being social is being in situations that involve being with other people. Are you at home, alone? Are you on the bus? Are you sitting at a restaurant, alone, waiting for your boss, or with your date? How about your friends, where are they?

What are they doing? You and your date are sitting, side by side, texting. And the real world is where it matters. Yes, there is a life outside your cyber walls. Many are now sacrificing values…. The Internet bring more good than harm for ordinary citizen, because it allow real speech freedom and knowledge sharing. Privacy is only a big issue for celebrities.

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The Influence of the Internet: More Harm than Good or Vice Versa August 26th, Ann In our times, it is hardly possible to find someone who has never heard about the advantages and opportunities offered to modern people by the Internet, the worldwide network of public computers that allows its users to exchange information.

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Jul 10,  · The internet is a great source of information, with virtually limitless boundaries. As the days go by, the internet is in a constant expansion, much like the universe itself, as more and more information becomes available.

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The Internet can influence us in many different ways. The internet is a great resource for subject you need help with. Without the internet we would be looking through book for hours, most books can be outdated. It helps us stay up to date with the latest news. The internet is made up of information that anyone can put up, even you. THBT that the internet brings more harm than good. Examples of harm: 1. Pornography - a lot of rapists and sexual offenders start off with pornography 2. Horror - screamers and horror movies, that traumatize people, especially children 3.

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The Internet bring more harm than good for government and media authorities, because they are no longer monopolise knowledge and citizen’s voice. Loss of privacy is big issue for Internet, but for ordinary people, it doesn’t really matter. It is true that the Internet has not completely brought harm to the society. It is true that the Internet has improved the lives of others and even saved people from disaster. but, we .