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Kate Chopin

by Kate Chopin

❶From the very beginning, Kate thought that being a debutant and going to parties was a joke.

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Kate Chopin, a writer of the late 19th Century, wrote about feelings. She insinuated that women had a sexual appetite and craved independence. Which made her stories taboo in her time period.

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Kate Chopin was born on Feb. 8, , in St. Louis, Mo. She began writing after her husband died on their plantation in Louisiana in Chopin primarily wrote short stories and articles at the start of her writing career in the early s. Chopin's most well-known work was her novel "The Awakening," written in .

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Kate Chopin was a regionalist writer whose stories take place in the South - most often in Louisiana. Throughout her work, Chopin depicts strong, independent women who question their own conformity to traditional gender roles and behavior. The Writing Style and Beliefs of Kate Chopin Kate Chopin was an extraordinary writer of the nineteenth century. Despite failure to receive positive critical response, she became one of the most powerful and controversial writers of her time.

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Chopin alternates between being very specific and somewhat vague in her narration; for instance, she may use several paragraphs to describe one object or one specific moment, or she may use one short sentence to sum up a lengthy, complicated event. Unlike her late Victorian contemporaries, Oscar Wilde and Thomas Hardy, who wrote in a Ciceronian style that emphasizes balance with parallelism and antithesis with opposition for emphasis, Kate Chopin wrote in a direct, understated style that is clear, straightforward, and economical- .