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What is Chemistry?
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Protons are positively charged particles. The positive electron change on each proton is the same as the negative charge on electron.

Electrons are extremely light particles. Each electron has unit negative electric charge. These are particles that are electrically neutral. A neutron has the same mass as a proton. A molecule is the smallest particle of an element or a compound and has all the properties of that element or compound. A substance made of just one kind of atom is known as element. Iron is an element.

Iron is the only element made up of iron atoms. Gold is an element made up of gold atoms. On the basis of physical and chemical properties, elements can be classified into two main groups: About 75 per cent are metals.

Metals are usually shiny. They are good conductors of heat and electricity. They can be bent or hammered into different shapes. On the other hand non- metals are generally liquids and gases at room temperature.

Non- metal solids usually have dull shapes. They are poor conductors of heat and electricity. When atoms of different elements combine chemically, they form compounds. Scientists has discovered about four million compounds formed from two or more of elements. All sugars are made up of three kinds of elements.

These elements are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Each compound of sugar form when a certain number of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms join in a certain way.

Matter is always changing. For example water is not always liquid. You can freeze to make it solid ice. You can also boil water to make it gas. It is a reversible and a temporary change. Drying of wet clothes. Melting of wax or butter. Dissolving a solid into a liquid.

Stretching of a rubber band. Hammering of metals to form sheets. Glowing a electric bulb passing on electric current. The number of atoms of each kind of molecules remains the same before and after the chemical change. It is a permanent change. Formation of curd from milk. Everything which surrounds us is a composition of chemicals. The subject chemistry helps us to understand the behaviour of chemicals.

The changes that take place in the external environment are due to the chemical reactions. The following highlights the importance of chemistry and its uses. Nitric acid that has nitrogen and oxygen is used to prepare nitrate salts. Nitrates of silver find use in photography. Oxygen is used by plants and animals for their survival. Oxygen supports combustion reactions in factories, homes, aeroplanes etc. Platinum, gold and silver are called noble metals.

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