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Starting uni is full of surprises: Start new discussion Reply. The Stig's student cousin Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to The Stig's student cousin. Follow 1 We're starting the C3 coursework next week and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what its like.

What do we have to do for it? I tried looking on the OCR website but can't really find anything useful so was hoping for some feedback from people who have first hand experience with C3 coursework. Follow 2 Just don't get lazy and you'll be fine something I had to learn the hard way after handing it in late. Follow 3 Original post by The Stig's student cousin We're starting the C3 coursework next week and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what its like.

Follow 4 Follow 5 Follow 6 There I was hoping for an nice relaxed end of term now I have this and Chemistry coursework which is a aparantly very long. Student Follow 0 followers 1 badge Send a private message to Student Follow 7 Its really simple stuff about, essentially about trial and error, using different methods.

Follow 8 Anyone know how much of the A2 Marks it counts for? Just incase i completely fail it! Tallon Follow 2 followers 4 badges Send a private message to Tallon. Follow 9 Original post by jenny28 Anyone know how much of the A2 Marks it counts for? Follow 10 Still, may as well do it.

Follow 11 I've not done it yet but from what I understand it's quite easy. My teacher said that some people do it quickly and get high marks whereas others leave it for months and end up failing - my advice is just do it ASAP to as high a standard as possible and get it out the way. Follow 12 We started this a few weeks ago and it's quite easy. I'm ticking things off the mark scheme thing as I go - I got a good start on it in class and I don't think it's gonna take me too much longer but I'm going slowly as I've got all summer now.

Follow 13 Follow 14 MEI C3 coursework - numerical solutions of equations - rearrangement method. I have to finish off this and submit by friday. Thanks so much I'm new here and dont how to use some stuff here.. Follow 15 I got a low b in stats last year and I'm retaking c1 and c2. I need an A in maths to get in to uni and I'm bricking it.

I wish I could have done better but I sent it off with the encouragement of my teacher thinking it was the best it could be.

I was sick and couldnt go to school. Follow 7 Original post by Tallon NR fails if your starting value for x happens to be at a turning point as the tangent will never touch the x axis and generate a new x value. Although that's not a realistic example. Instead get one similar to that but instead your tangent goes away from your starting x value and ends up converging to a different root than you'd expect given your starting value for x.

Or if a root is a repeated root and just touches the axis. Last edited by Owais B; at Follow 8 Original post by Owais B Thanks for the info Tallon When drawing graphs for the Raphson using autograph, you right click it and select N-R and then enter appropriate x-values for the interval. Then automatically when you press the arrow it will give all the x values till it converges and will put tangents against the roots, What does the tangents mean and why are there more than 1?

This is main concern for me now, please can someone clarify thoroughly Thank you so much for your time. Follow 9 Follow 10 Original post by Tallon I don't actually use autograph so I don't know what you mean. I use similar software for graph plotting but I can't give you specifics there, sorry. So I don't really understand your question.

But I imagine there's lots of tangents because the first tangent is for the first x value tangent to that particular y value generated.

Then that first tangent intersects the x axis, generating a new x value which generates a new y value which another tangent touches the curve on which then intersects the x axis, generating a new x vlaue, etc, etc? It will either converge or disverge this way. Follow 11 Original post by Owais B Will this Rearrangement method work?

Also when both graphs are drawn do i use the x value where the graph croxes the x-axis or where the graphs intersect? So i'm half way there Thanks. Follow 12 I'm not sure if I'm meant to help with specifics of coursework here, but your rearrangment looks fine to me. Just remember to show both graphically. C3 MEI coursework notation mei maths c3 coursework re-arrangement Help with changing mathematics exam boards at the end of This forum is supported by: Can't stop stealing other girls' boyfriends.

GF never initiates sex. Friends, family and work Replies: Current Medical Students and Doctors Replies: If so, which date would you not date?? Teacher training, teaching and education jobs Replies: Ask Student Finance England Replies: Student surveys and research Replies: Advice on everyday issues Replies: Count to a million Part 31 Started by: Million To Zero thread Started by: Learning to drive Replies: Tell us a little about yourself to get started.

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Contents. Introduction and Notes. pages 2 - 3 (These are important and it’s only 2 pages page numbers), but you can also refer to the MEI coursework booklet and any other material (e.g. videos) in the “C3 Coursework” part of the Maths Homepage, and you can also use with the help of graphs.

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Nursing homework help ny - mei maths c3 coursework help Posted on September 11, by @pinkyellowsquee someone got frustrated with her homework. i guess writing that 20 .

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MEI STRUCTURED MATHEMATICS MEI conference University of Reading July C3 COURSEWORK What is this coursework designed to do, how do we prepare students for it and. Sep 11,  · Mei maths c3 coursework help. by | Sep 11, | Uncategorized | 0 comments. Also got to do a word essay in like a week. fuck my life. vx 8dr vx 8gr comparison essay. uses and misuses of internet essay introduction. leadership research paper list. .

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