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Short & Long Term Effects of Cardiovascular Exercise

Short term effects such as:

❶Increase in cardiac output, blood that leaves our heart The blood leaves our heart faster and this causes an increase in cardiac output.

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Exercise has multiple short-term and long-term effects on your cardiovascular system. Your cardiovascular system is also called the circulatory system. It is made up of your heart, arteries, your veins and capillaries.

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Exercise affects the circulatory system, respiratory system and the muscles. Short term effects occur immediately as we begin to exercise. Long term effects are more concerned with adaptive changes over time with regular exercise.

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Start studying Short and long term effects of exercise. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Exercise has both short and long term effects to muscular system. Exercise works as a stimulus and gives stress to muscles. After exercise you may feel short term effects like: Blood flow because of increased volume of blood that is pumped to muscle tissue. Muscle fatigue is short-term decline in the ability of a muscle to generate force.

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Short term effects of exercise on the body systems. When a person takes part in exercise the cardiovascular, respiratory, energy and muscular systems all work together to supply energy to the. Many short-term effects take place during physical activity, including: Faster heart contractions. This leads to an increased heart rate and increased circulation, which gets oxygenated blood to .