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List of CB slang

CB Terminology (Trucker Slang)

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The Trucking Terms Your Mom Warned You About

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Trucking Terms: ABCs of Understanding The Trucker Language. The Trucking Terms Your Mom Warned You About. In this series, I'm going to break down general trucking terms as well as some "driver speak" - those words and phrases that are likely to be heard of the CB radio. Yes, the 's phenomena CB radio is still widely used across the.

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Glossary and Dictionary of Trucking Terms. Use the search boxes below to search for a trucking term or definition. Search for a term. Search for a definition: Not sure what you're looking for? Click a letter to display the terms and definitions. "Apportion" is a synonymous term. PTDI: Professional Truck Driver .

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The term used for the practice of contacting other trucking companies in an area where a driver needs a load, and selecting from available 'overbooked' loads. Truck A tractor which carries cargo in a body (van, tank, etc.) which is mounted to its chassis, possibly in addition to a . A Guide to Truckers Slang Truck drivers drive hundreds of miles and spend hours in trucks on a daily basis. Through the use of CB radios and visits with fellow truck drivers at local truck stops, they have a unique lingo that are only understood by fellow drivers.

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CDL training programs will introduce students to the trucking terms they will use as professional truck drivers. CDL training programs will introduce students to the trucking terms they will use as professional truck drivers. Home; Become a Truck Driver; Trucking Terminology – Truck Driver Lingo. Diesel Mechanic & Truck Driving. Local. Glossary of Trucking Terms AMERICAN TRUC KIN G ASS OCI ATI ONS American Trucking Associations N. Glebe Road | Suite | Arlington, VA | Logbook – Book carried by truck drivers in which they record their hours of service and duty status for each hour period. Required for interstate commercial trucking by the U.S.